Other activity

Lecturers of the Institute take an active part not only in various public authorities and other organisations' activity, but in their formation as well.

Thereby, the Federation Council of Federal Assembly of Russian Federation assigned professor A. Tarbagaev a member of the RF Supreme qualifying judges' board.

According to the Krasnoyarsk region Legislative Assembly Decrees professor A.Barabash, associate professors A.Bayanov, L.Mitskevich, N.Stoiko joined the Krasnoyarsk region Qualifying board of judges, and professor N.Schedrin is assigned the vice-president of this Board.

Associate professors N.Galaganova, N.Kachur, E.Tarbagaeva are members of the Krasnoyarsk region examination board of judges.

Professors A.Barabash, T.Sakhnova, A.Tarbagaev together with associate professors S.Bushmin, N.Kachur, L.Maiorova, L.Mitskevich, E.Petrova, N.Stoiko, E.Tarbagaeva, T.Shishmareva are members of Scientific and advisory board at Krasnoyarsk regional court with professor I.Shishko as the vice-president of this Board.

Associate professors V.Pitetsky and E.Tarbagaeva are members of the qualifying commission of Krasnoyarsk region Bar.

One of the members of the Board on corruption counteraction at Krasnoyarsk region governor’s office is associate professor K.Knyaginin.

G.Khlupina and K.Knjaginin, associate professors are the members of Legislative Assembly Contest commission of Krasnoyarsk region.

Professor N.Schedrin – the chairman of regional branch of Russian criminological association.

O.Ronzhina, associate professor, as a member of Krasnoyarsk region Selective Commission has the casting vote right.

Professors A.Tarbagaev, N.Schedrin and K.Knjaginin, L.Mitskevich, O.Ronzhina, associate professors are the members of Krasnoyarsk region Legislative Assembly Expert council.

L.Mitskevich, associate professor, is a member of Public Council of Krasnoyarsk region Federal Competitive Service Department.

L.Mistkevich and E.Prihodko, associate professors, are independent experts of contest commissions and commissions of conflict interests settlement in executive authority bodies.