Students of the Law School are the best in the sphere of civil procedure in Siberian Federal District

ERRTi5LWhmE_fb1b3.jpgThe second round of the all-Russian Student's Academic Olympiad in jurisprudence in the Siberian Federal District was carried out within the scope of The first Omsk legal week, which was navigated by the Law Faculty of Omsk State University named after F.M. Dostoevsky in consort with the Omsk Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In the section “Civil and arbitrary process” the Law School was presented by third-year students Karina Miroshnichenko ( group YuYu14-02B) and Vadim Mokin (group  YuYu14-06BMIP). Despite the serious competition, the participants showed good results by demonstrating brilliant knowledge in the sphere of a civil and arbitrary procedure.

IerIQITpj2k_12f88.jpgKarina Miroshnichenko became a winner, outranking the hosts of the Academic Olympiad and gaining the first prize, according to results of overcoming two stages ( the written one in a form of practical case study and the second one in a form of a speech on predefined topic, which was the discussion about “Is the summary proceedings justice?”

As the scientific supervisor of students, the senior teacher of the department of civil procedure Maxim Lubchenko said,” It was a complicated task, taking into account that the tasks and the theme for oral rounds presumed the students’ knowledge not only in the sphere of civil law but an arbitrary one. The students are not familiar with this branch of law yet. In this regard, the successful participation of our students is a sign of their wide area of thought in the jurisprudence and great oratorical skills”

The Law School is proud of their students and wishes them to stay strong in the pursuit of their goals.

It is to be recalled that the all-Russian Student's Academic Olympiad in jurisprudence is carried out under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.