The German-language session of Administrative law “DSG” is over

lemmling-Flag-of-Germany-waving.pngThe German-language session of Administrative law “DSG” is over for the second year students of Comparative Law Department. Since 13.03.2007 till 18.03.2017 professor Urs Kramer and scientific employee of Passau University Katarina Lehner held the course of German Administrative law in German language.

Students impressed both lecturers and themselves with good grades for the exam. As noted by the lecturers professor Urs Kramer and Katarina Lehner “the students have brilliant knowledge of German Law, sometimes level of it is even higher than native German students have”.

Each session DSG students of Law Institute try to spend their spare time together with the docents. SuchinformalmeetingspromotefullGermanlanguageimmersion.

International department congratulates the students with successful mastering of German language and wishes to not to stop on the results already achieved. You have good examples, that are senior students, who are graduates of DSG program. Also you have stimulus that is year’s schooling in Passau University.