Students of “International department” department had a lecture on “introduction to speciality”

10 of June 2014 Students of “International department” department had a lecture on “introduction to speciality” in the library of the SFU. It was not just a common lecture – it was held in a form of simulation of a meeting of Foreign affairs ministry. Students were to present their skills in searching and analysis of information, report preparation in the form of presentation, and public speaking. Students were directed to present their report on bilateral affairs of the RF with foreign state to the Foreign affairs minister as representatives of Foreign affairs department’s representatives. 

A group was divided into teams of three persons each. Students were extremely responsible in the matter. Not only It was important to present information on particular country but also to analyse a history of establishment and development of affairs between states, bring out intensity of contacts, presence of international treaties, and give personal recommendations on further development of international affairs. First years were to study numerous informational sources, recall already forgotten political conflicts and present this information in the most objective way, to perform such a hard work. 

Without doubt, such event was of a great benefit and pleasure for the whole group. That was a unique opportunity to feel yourself in a place of a real Foreign affair’s specialist: present a report, respond to questions as an expert on bilateral affairs. Presented noted that presentations were made on a high level, adequate for a real Foreign affairs ministry.

At the end results were concluded. “External experts” told their proposals to students on preparation and presentation of such reports in the future. Unanimously was decided that such meetings will be held, because of its importance for students and because they can serve as an enlightenment tool in the sphere of international affairs. For that reason also, materials are publicly available.