Postgraduate study

Applicants who have a specialist’s or master’s degree (higher education) are eligible for admission to postgraduate study on a competitive basis. Successful postgraduate studies are a prerequisite for the subsequent degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences (PhD in Law).

The Law Institute of the Siberian federal university (SFU) provides training under five postgraduate programs:

  • - Theory and history of law and state; The history of the teachings on law and the state
  • - Civil law; Business law; family law; Private international law
  • - Criminal law and criminology; Criminally-executive law
  • - Criminal process, criminalistics and forensic examination; Operational-Investigative Activity
  • - Civil process

Training according to postgraduate study program is carried out under internal (3 years) and correspondence (4 years) forms of education both at the expense of budget means, and on a contractual basis.

Students trained according to internal postgraduate study program at the expense of budget means get scholarships. Those trained under the correspondence form of education are eligible for additional thirty calendar days holiday allowance at their working place.

Documents of postgraduate study applicants are examined by Admissions Office of the SFU. Applicants are interviewed by their prospective scientific supervisor who informs the selection commission of the interview results.

Applicants to postgraduate study pass the following competitive entrance examinations:

  • Special discipline;

  • Foreign language.


Foreign citizens can apply for postgraduate programs of the Law Institute in one of the following ways:

Admission procedure

Enrollment basis

Financial basis of study

Within the limits of control figures of admission

On general grounds

(Similar to those adopted for Russian citizens)

Contractual basis

Due to budgetary funds

Within the quotas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Appeal of foreigners to theAdmissions Office of the SFU or Rossotrudnichestvo, as part of the diplomatic missions of Russia abroad


The cost of the first year of study is 145 133 russian rubles for internal (3 years) and 41 600 russian rubles for correspondence (4 years) form of education.

All foreign students are provided with a comfortable hostel on the SFU campus.

For admission on general grounds, you can contact the Office of Postgraduate Studies at the telephone numbers and addresses indicated on the website:

For admission to the quotas of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation you can contact with Irina D. Mishina from December, 5 to February, 5. tel.: +7 (391) 206 23 29; e-mail: .

You can also ask your questions to the postgraduate coordinator of the Law institute – Georgii L. Moskalev (e-mail: