Master's Degree

To enroll in the specialized master’s programs on “Jurisprudence” on a competitive basis a person who has higher education must submit academic transcripts for the previous degrees obtained (bachelors, specialists or masters), including those obtained their degrees not in “Jurisprudence”. Alumni of any higher educational establishment are eligible for participation in competition.

Admission to the master’s degree is carried out either on the seat subject to federal budgetary financing or tuition fee paying.

Applicants who have obtained a bachelor’s degree and are willing to acquire the specialized master’s degree for the first time are eligible for participation in competition on the seats financed by the federal budget. Those applicants who fail to pass though the competition for such seats are eligible to participate in competition with tuition fee payment.

Master’s programs

  1. Justice in criminal cases (Test on subject “Criminal law”);
  2. Цивилист: iustitia et ius (Exam on subject “Civil procedure”);
  3. Corporative lawyer (Writing exam on subject “Civil law: corporative law”);
  4. Juvenile law and juvenile justice (Test on subject “Juvenile law”);
  5. Attorney in the judicial process (Exam on subject “Criminal procedure”);
  6. Public authority: the legal basis of organization and activities (Test on subject “Constitutional law of Russian Federation”);
  7. Deutsches und Russisches Recht / German and Russian Law (Motivation letter).
  8. Law and Policy of Nature management in Siberia and Arctic

Admission to master’s degree

Terms of admission campaign: from 3th of July to 29th of July.

Entrance tests: from 31th of July to 7th of August.

Enrollment: from 11th to 19nd of August.

Studying is possible both at the expense of the federal budget and the contract for the provision of paid educational services.

Training term: 2 years.

Tuition fees: 69 825 Р / semester.


660073, Krasnoyarsk, Mayerchaka st., 6, office 3-12. Tel: +7(391)206-23-25

The Head of Department of Master’s programs – Gutnik Sergey I., senior lecturer of criminology and criminal science chair.


Victotria Krukova, Selivanova Polina (391)206-23-25.