Bachelor’s degree

37-bachelorsdegreeAll foreign students are provided with a comfortable hostel on campus of SFU:

All information about admission of undergraduate in SFU can be found at:

Admission to bachelors degree

Terms of admission campaign: from 19th of June to 10th of July.

Entrance tests: from 12th of July to 19th of July.

Enrollment: from 3th to 8nd of August.

Studying is possible both at the expense of the federal budget and the contract for the provision of paid educational services.

Training term: 4 years.

Tuition fees: 63 333 Р / semester.

Language: Russian


Siberian Federal University Law School: Mishina Irina D.: +7 (391) 206 23 29;

Selection committee of the Siberian Federal University: +7 (391) 206-20-04;

To join on a common basis, please contact: phone numbers and addresses listed on the site:

For admission on quotas of the Ministry of Education of the RF: Tel .: +7 (391) 206 23 29 or Mob .: +7 9135534311; Mishina Irina D.