Centre of Additional Vocational Training

One of the priority directions in developing of Law institute is making additional education system in law. To achieve this goal, according to the order of the rector of SFU from 28.07.2008 № 993 in Law Institute was founded Centre of additional education.

Contacts: (8391) 206-23-21;

e-mail:  egorovalu@yandex.ru
The director: Егорова Лариса Юрьевна

Information about the centre of additional education in Law Institute

The centre works according to the Law of Russian Federation "About high and after graduating professional education", charter of SFU, regulation about "The centre of additional education in Law Institute". The main purpose of the centre is implementation of additional educational fee paid services in jurisprudence on contracts with public authorities, local authorities, enterprises, institutions and individuals with the needs of the customer and established state's requirements for the content of professional education programs.

The Center organizes and conducts training of managers and specialists of state and local governments, as well as of organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership.

Students who have successfully completed their training, receive documents of state's standard (depending on the number of hours):

  • certificate of professional development - for people who received short-term training or participated in the thematic and problem seminars on the program in the amount of 72 to 100 hours;
  • evidence of professional development - for people who have received training on the program in excess of 100 hours;
  • diploma of vocational retraining - for those trained in the program in the amount of more than 500 hours;
  • diploma conferring qualifications - for people who have received training on the program beyond 1000 hours.

Form of study: full-time (out of work), evening (on the job), block-module (partially out of work), individual. Classes start according gathering of teams or on-demand of enterprises. The cost of the study depends on the type of program and number of students in the group, and is calculated individually for each program.

In the implementation programs of studying: are involved: the faculty of the university, skilled specialists-practitioners of controlling, supervisory, judicial, law enforcement agencies.