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Student Editorial Board of the Website

In fact, nowadays Internet resources appear to be a key source of information. The website of Law Institute at Siberian Federal University is not an exception. In December, 2011 the Student Editorial Board of the Website was created as a part of the Student Press Service in order to provide publishing and updating information about the extracurricular life of the Institute.

The Student Editorial Board of the Website task is quite special compared, for example, to newspaper editors` job, since the cyberspace requires using a «minimum length – maximum information» approach in writing articles. Students working as bloggers have to search on-the-spot news to publish them immediately on the Institute Website. In addition, the Student Editorial Board of the Website develops its design and edits the sections.

So far, the Student Editorial Board of the Website is headed by the Assistant of the Law Institute Director, the Assistant of the Foreign and Comparative Law Department, Oleg A. Yanov.

About us

Modern realities create specific requirements for the media. They must not only be responsive and mobile but also need to be socially oriented. In order to fulfill these requirements many media create units, which are monitoring changes in the blogosphere so mass media go beyond the scope of one particular state, thereby being fixed at the international level.

Given these trends, in December 2011 it was decided to abolish the existing news bodies, which inform students and teachers, and to create a single informational body of the Law Institute. Student press service is intended to be such body.

Today the Press-service includes three units: Editorial staff of Law Institute’s web site, Translation center and a Student’s newspaper "Jurist". Thus, there was created a full student organization, which main function is to ensure the integrity and availability of all information associated with the extracurricular life of the Law Institute.

In addition, owing to the Translation Center, activities of the Student press service are expanding noticeably. Today, the Press service is conducting Law Institute’s web site in German and English.

It should be noted that the significant advantage of the Press-service is its personnel structure: only students of the Institute carry out all activities. Of course, as any other university body, the Institute’s management supervises student government to some extent, but these relationships are as close as possible to the most preferable shape of interaction. The head of the Press service is Shipunov Kirill, who is a third year student of Comparative law department.

A distinctive ability of the Press service may be its refresher courses, which are designed specifically for students who work for this body. All employees take part in projects directly related to the legal counseling and other socially significant activities of the Law Institute.

In conclusion, Student press service of the Law Institute can be called a successful launch pad for the student who plans to be in demand in the future.

Translation Centre


The idea to create the Translation Centre emerged for a long time. But only in 2011 students of the Law Institute closely approached this. Under the careful tuition of the comparative law department student Elizabeth Saponchik the Translation Centre has become a structural unit of the Law Institute’s press service and have been fully operating since February 2012.

Translation Centre today

The Translation Centre sets itself a lot of complicated but challenging objects:

  • Cooperation with foreign visitors;
  • Interpretation during the Law Institute conferences;
  • The newsfeed translation from Russian to English and German, etc.

Interacting directly with foreign visit-professors the Center members continue actively show their worth participating in annual International Summer Law School and International Social-legal Congress on Family Law. Furthermore, together with editorial office of the newspaper and website advanced training courses and various seminars are organized for the translators.

Today the Translation Centre consists of 20 initiative students of the Law Institute with high-level knowledge of English and German languages. However recruiting and learning the basics of Standard English are still the actual problems!

So far, the Translation Center is governed by Anastasia Kondratenko, a third-year student of the comparative law department. You can contact her if you are interested in the Centers activity or want ask some questions.


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