The International Summer Law School 2015

Once again Law Institute SFU welcomed with great pleasure participants of already traditional summer law school.

In a period between 4 and 16 of August participants from several countries and cities are to immerse into uneasy world of Russian law. Foreign guests are also to learn complicated Russian language. We intentionally hid the school students’ “distribution”, since this year was marked not by reduction of the guests and lectors, but by significant extension of the event coverage. This year apart from invited associate professors from our partner Passau University (Germany), lectures for English-speaking part of comparative law department were read by our British colleagues, scientific staff from Coventry University – Cooper Aaron Martin and Lowe Daniel Matthew. Among the participants there was also a tendency to increase in the number of guests – along with German students who came to faraway Siberia, three students of Osh state Law University Kubatov Nurdamir, Omurzakov Mirsadyk and Murzakulov Talgat showed eagerness to study the basis of Russian law.

The program of this year became even more eventful. Prosecutors-, advocates- and judges-to-be had to pass three courses of activities. Russian students of German-speaking group of comparative law department ought to pass a ‘basis of German law within DSG program’ course. English-speaking group traditionally works with specialists in common law. German students, as always, work with the graduates of DSG program, studying criminal, constitutional and civil law, and also learn Russian language.

The cultural component of the summer school includes numerous excursions to Legislative Assembly, Ethnography museum, museum of Surikov, visits to “Stolby” and museum of Astafiev in Ovsyanka village. Obviously, we can’t omit the fact of informal communication between the summer school participants, which also adds a lot of positive emotions in already pleasant atmosphere of the school.

German and Kyrgyz students point out Krasnoyarsk being the city of contrasts. Along with modern infrastructure, there are old buildings, emphasizing centuries-old culture of the city. According to the student’s opinion, they would like to visit national reserve “Stolby” again and again. They also were fond of spending time at Memorial of V.I. Astafiev, Ovsyanka village.

We have already introduced our Kyrgyz colleagues, now we would also like to pay attention to German guests of our city. This year Krasnoyarsk welcomed 15 German students from all over Germany. It is worth to notice that the tradition of prevailing representation of  Passau was quite successfully breached this year. Only six students represent our partner University. Other participants study at their homeland in Bonne, Heidelberg, Stuttgart, Marburg, Frankfurt and Darmstadt.

Each year the summer law school in Krasnoyarsk becomes more popular, and, as Kyrgyz students fairly noticed, after such warm welcome at the centre of Siberia, students and staff of Law University will be greeted in each educational institution in the world. Thus we are going to put our efforts in further keeping up with pace chosen this year.

We would like to notice that the students were prepared to the lectures of professors Cooper Aaron Martin and Lowe Daniel Matthew from Coventry University because of the fact that in spring semester they studied “International legal aspects of the human rights theory” course in English language (professor V.V. Tereshkova).

International department would like to express the words of gratitude to all professors, who participated in the Summer school-2015 organization and conduction: Anna Teplyakova, Mariya Mihailova, Vasilieva Anna Fedotovna, Gabov Alexandr, Dmitriev Ivan, Yakobi German, Metelkin Andrey, Bozhenova Mariya, Vyrva Petr, and also to students of the present 3 course of German-speaking group of CLD for assistance and responsiveness in the work of international department.