Law Department of the Law Institute of the SFU

The Law Department is one of the main structural subdivisions of the Law Institute which mission is  is to train highly-qualified specialists in the sphere of Law, International relations and Customs Law.

In 2010-2011, there were approximately 1500 students in the Department of Law (723 – full-time students, 886 – distance learning students and 202 part-time students).Pursuant to the Decision of the Scientific Council of the SFU dated 28 February 2011, the full-time Faculty of Law and the part-time Faculty of Law were merged into the Department of Law of the Law Institute of the SFU.

In 2003, Russia joined the Bologna Process aimed at harmonizing European education standards of the European countries and the complete integration into the European higher education community. By implementing Bologna Declaration Siberian Federal University and, in particular, the Department of Law introduced a two-tier system of higher education (Bachelor’s degree programs and Master’s degree programs) and created conditions for recognition of the SFU Diplomas of High Education abroad.

In accordance with the national education standard, students of the Department of Law of the Law Institute of SFU pursue degree in the «Jurisprudence» course (Bachelor’s degree program), «International Relations» course (Bachelor’s degree program), and «Customs Law» specialty. Bachelor’s degree is the first stage of the educational program. This program lasts 4-5 years and enables students to pursue basic higher education. Bachelor’s degree gives the graduate a right to get positions which require the higher education in accordance with qualification requirements, or continue education in the Magistracy of the SFU or other universities, including the foreign ones.

The Department of Jurisprudence organizes short-term educational programs (course «Jurisprudence») for those who have first higher or special education.

Student’s education is financed either out of federal budget or according to the corresponding contract on the full cost-recovery basis. Education on the full-recovery basis is provided by the Department of Law on all specialties, courses and types of education (full-time, part-time, distance learning). Tuition costs are estimated on the basis of university’s costs on student’s education.

Since 2009 the Law Institute offers tuition discounts for students who passed their exams with «excellent», «excellent» and «good», «good» marks. These discounts are aimed at social support of the students, as well as at the increase of motivation in successful mastering of the educational program.

The Department of Law provides all necessary conditions for the preparation of highly-qualified graduates. There are 14 professors, doctors of law, 68 associate professors, and candidates of law. Prominent scholars and practitioners of scientific and governmental agencies are invited to conduct several courses. Professors of the Law Institute created methodological materials, video lectures, textbooks and monographs. Courses are conducted with the application of modern equipment and the newest teaching methods and technologies. Library of the SFU provides every student of the Department with the basic and additional educational and methodological literature, textbooks, reference books as well as the scientific literature and journals, which are necessary for pursuing knowledge in all disciplines. 

Apart from general disciplines of higher education, students of the Department have an opportunity to attend courses aimed at acquiring additional professional skills. These courses are «Professional skills of a lawyer», «Defender in the criminal procedure», «Evaluation of evidence by advocate in the criminal procedure», «Registration law practice», «Inheritance law practice» and others.

After attending theoretical courses students pass their internships. It is aimed at testing, expanding and consolidating knowledge, acquired during the theoretical courses, and also at pursuing necessary skills and working experience on the chosen specialty. In 2011, agreements on internships of students studying on the «Jurisprudence» specialty/course were concluded with the Arbitration court of  Krasnoyarsk Krai, the Notary Chamber of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Department of the Ministry of Justice of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Regional Prosecutor's office, Department of the Federal Bailiff service of Krasnoyarsk Krai, Siberian Central Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Department of the Federal Tax Service of Russia in Krasnoyarsk Krai and other law-enforcement agencies (organizations).

The high level of the Law Department student’s knowledge is proven by the number of granted scholarships. In 2010, student S.V. Kuznetzova became the laureate of the State (Presidential) Scholarship, student I.V. Matyzin was granted Vladimir Potanin Federal Scholarship, 73 students became Oxford-Russia Fund scholars.

Full-time students of the Department of Law participate in the scientific researches, Russian and international conferences, as well as take active part in the university’s social life.

The Law Department of the Law Institute of the SFU offers a plenty of career opportunities for the graduated students. Our graduates work in justice agencies, prosecutor’s offices, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Security Service, Federal Penitentiary Service, tax services, auditing services, advocates’ offices, notary offices and customs. Moreover, graduated students apply their knowledge and skills in banks, insurance companies, leading regional industrial enterprises, commercial companies and other structures. Successful careers of our graduates are based on the high level of university education which is provided by the Law Department of the Law Institute of the Siberian Federal University.