«International relations» Course

Pursuing the degree in the «International relations» course opens wide sphere of future professional activity, including:

  • international political, economic, humanitarian, cultural and other relations;
  • participation in the regulation of global political and economic processes;
  • international links in the sphere of culture, science and education;
  • diplomacy and international relations;
  • international and external economic links of Russian regions.

 After the graduation you can work in:

  • federal and regional governmental agencies’ foreign affairs departments and foreign offices (as interpreters and attendants, experts, referents, secretaries  etc.); 
  • international organizations as experts, referents, auxiliary personnel and junior interpreters;
  • Russian and foreign commercial, non-commercial and public organizations as experts, referents, interpreters, secretaries, laboratory assistants, assistant coordinators, executive secretaries;
  • mass media offices as foreign affairs reporters and interpreters;
  • Higher education institutions as experts, secretaries, laboratory assistants, interpreters.


General types of professional activity:

  • management of business correspondence and negotiations in foreign language;
  • interpreting and translation work;
  • organization and holding of meetings, conferences and seminars;
  • participation in realization of international projects;
  • professional assistance in establishing of international contacts and developing of international relations;
  • delegation and referent assistance.

Associate professor G.N.Hlupina is a member of the Competition Commission of the Legislative Assembly in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Associate professor of the Department of Criminology and Tortology, Candidate in law I.A.Zirianova is a member of the Committee on Compliance with the Official Conduct of Civil Servants and Regulation of Conflict of Interests in the office of the Russian Ministry of Justice of Krasnoyarsk region.

Associate professors A.D.Nazarov and I.S.Bogdanova are members of the Bar Council in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.

Associate professor E.U.Cherkashina is the President of the professional community of juvenile technologists in Krasnoyarsk.

Professor N.V.Schedrin is a Chairman of the regional department of the Russian Criminology Association.