General information

The Law Institute of the Siberian Federal University has following educational branches:

  • Jurisprudence (bachelor's 4y)
  • Social work (bachelor's 4y)
  • International relations (bachelor's 4y)
  • Customs studies(speciality 5y)

 The Law Institute of the Siberian Federal University is the oldest one in the sphere of lawyers’ education in our Region. It was founded as a training and advice centre of the All-Union Correspondence Law Institute in 1955, and then it was reorganized into the faculty of distance learning of the Tomsk State University. In 1969 the Krasnoyarsk State University was founded in Krasnoyarsk, which comprised the law faculty as well.

In 2006 the Siberian Federal University (SFU) was formed on the basis of Krasnoyarsk State University. The SFU consists of 19 Institutes, and the Law Institute takes a worthy position among all of them. For more than the half a century of development the Law institute of the SFU has become one of the leading lawyers’ education centers in Siberia. 74% of the Institute’s lecturers hold a degree of a doctor of laws or a candidate in laws. The Law Institute is well-known in Russia and abroad for its fundamental scientific research in civil procedure, theory and history of state and law, criminal law and criminology, and criminal procedure as well. The Research Institute of Legal Policy and Legislation was founded on the basis of the Law Institute. At present the Law Institute is one of the main Universities with educational courses in jurisprudence in the Siberian Federal District, and the Director of the Law Institute is a Chairman of the Studying and Methodological Council on Legal Education in the Siberian Federal District.


In 2010 the Law Institute was accredited by the Association of Law Education, and in 2011 it was accredited by the Association of Lawyers of Russia.

In 2010-2016 educational program of SFU LS in “Jurisprudence” was declared one of the best (In a framework of a “Best educational programs of innovative Russia” project).

There are nearly 2500 students studying in the Institute. There are 8 master’s programs and 5 programs in postgraduate studies on Jurisprudence in the Law Institute. Such tuition is provided in cooperation with Institute’s foreign partners.

The Law Institute takes part in grants provided by the biggest foreign funds (Carnegie Corporation, Robert Bosch Fund, MacArthur Foundation, DAAD) in the sphere of legal science and education’s development. Along with the Greifswald University (Germany), the Tilburg University (the Netherlands), the Joensuu University (Finland) the Law Institute won grants of the European program TEMPUS five times. In recent years the Law Institute has entered into bilateral agreements with the Chungbuk University (Republic of Korea), the Vilnius University (Lithuania), the Karlov University (Czech Republic). University’s lecturers participate in the development and assessment of projects of federal and regional laws, they also cooperate with the authorities of our region and with other regions’ authorities. Our professors and associate professors are members of councils of experts as well as members of committees of public authorities, they are also members of qualification committees. The Law Institute was the initiator of the establishment of the Scientific-Advisory Board as a part of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Court. The members of this board are professional judges and Institute’s professors with high qualification.  Our students travel abroad with the purpose of studying, while our lecturers – with the aim of professional development and for conducting educational courses. Students and lecturers from foreign Universities visit our Institute in order to study and to work there.

 Since 2001 the Law Clinic, founded on the basis of the Public Chamber of the Krasnoyarsk Committee on Human Rights in 1998, has become the part of the Law Institute.


In 2008 the Continuing Professional Education Centre was established as a part of the Law Institute by the Chancellor’s order.

The Mediation Centre was founded in the Institute in accordance with the regulation of the Scientific Council of the SFU in February 28, 2011. The Law Institute has developed, on-going and unique projects “A step towards” and “Being a lawyer”, which have no analogues in the Russian Federation.

Lecturers of the LS participate actively in activity of different state agencies and other organizations.

International relations of the Law Institute.

The Law Institute cooperates with foreign partners, which are the Universities of Germany, the USA, the Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Lithuania, Finland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, etc. The Institute has the most continuous relations with Germany and the Netherlands. Such programs make possible the exchange of students and lecturers.

The Law Institute has entered into bilateral agreements with Greifswald and Passau Universities (Germany), the Chungbuk University (Republic of Korea), the Vilnius University (Lithuania), the Karlov University (Czech Republic).  The cooperation with these Universities gives students the opportunity to have inclusive training, defend final qualification papers in foreign languages on-line and study in joint post-graduate course and magistracy. The most known and massive program is the DSG program – “German law courses in the German language”. Within the scope of a program there are 4 sessions per year with professors from foreign countries. The courses are in the German language.  Annually the Law Institute organizes the International Summer Law Academy with visiting foreign lecturers. The courses there are in German and in English. Students who successfully finished the program get a semester or a year scholarship for studying at the Law Faculty in the Passau University. Not only Krasnoyarsk students participate in the program, but also do students from other Siberian Law Institutes (Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo, Barnaul, Irkutsk). L.V. Maiorova, associate professor, Candidate in Law, is the coordinator of the German program. Since 2005 lecturers from Robert Bosch Fund conduct courses of German law in the German language for the students of the Law Institute. The aims of this program are: to develop German language learning and country-specific studies, to develop humanities and social science (involving jurisprudence) in Central and Eastern Europe.

Since 2008 DAAD lecturers conduct “Educational courses in German”. The target of the course is giving Russian students the opportunity to improve their knowledge of the German language and German law. Students shall be prepared for studying in Germany, as well as for further law activities and contacts.

In accordance with the SFU-Passau Cooperation Agreement, Herzen Program is held. The goal of the Program is facilitation of German and European law teaching in the Law Institute of the SFU; promotion of comparative law scientific research; the transmission of west experience in law studies; preparing Russian lawyers for work in the sphere of German and European law and preparing German students for work with Russian law; spreading experience to other Siberian universities.

The Law Institute cooperates with “Russian-German Centre” of the SFU, which was created with the active assistance of the Law Institute. Students and lecturers can always visit German Club, which permanently works in the Law Institute. The University’s library has a foreign literature section.


Different activities

  • The Law Institute’s lecturers not only participate in the work of several organs of public authorities, but they also take part in their formation.
  • A.N.Tarbagaev, professor, Doctor of Laws, has been appointed deputy of the chairman of the Regional Qualification Chamber of Judges.
  • Prof. T.V. Sahnova – member of a Scientific Advisory Board of the Supreme court of the RF.
  • V.V. Tereshkova, associate professor of the Department of International law, has been appointed a member of the Qualification Chamber of Judges of the Krasnoyarsk Krai by the Decision of the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Krai.
  • T.V. Sahnova (professor), I.V.Shishko (professor), T.P.Shishmareva (associate professor), N.F.Kachur (associate professor), L.A. Mitskevich (associate professor), E.B.Tarbagaeva (associate professor), M.V.Kratenko (associate professor), S.Y. Sorokina (associate professor), A.V.Demin (associate professor), I.S.Bogdanova (associate professor) are members of the Scientific-Advisory Board at the Third Appeal Arbitration Court. E.B. Tarbagaeva and N.F. Kachur are members of Examination Chamber of Judges in Krasnoyarsk Krai.
  • Professors (A.N. Tarbagaeva, A.S. Barabash, T.V. Sahnova), associate professors (I.S.Bogdanova, T.P.Shishmareva, N.F. Kachur, E.I. Petrova, L.A. Mitskevich, L.V. Maiorova, S.I. Bushmin) are members of the Scientific-Advisory Board in Krasnoyarsk Regional Court. Professor I.V.Shishko is a Vice-President of the Board.
  • Associate professor E.B.Tarbagaeva is a member of Qualification Council of the Bar Chamber of the Krasnoyarsk Krai.
  • O.V.Ronzhina is a voting member of the Electoral Chamber in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.
  • Professor N.V.Schedrin, Doctor of law, and L.A.Mitskevich, O.V.Rongina, Candidates in law, are members of the Committee of Experts in the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk region.
  • Associate professor L.A.Mitskevich is a member of Public Service Chamber of the Krasnoyarsk Krai, a member of the Public Council at Federal Antimonopoly Service in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.
  • Moreover, associate professor L.A.Mitskevich  and senior lecturer E.G.Prihodko are independent experts of the Competition Commission and the Commission for the Regulation of Conflict of Interests in the bodies of the executive branch.
  • Associate professor G.N.Hlupina is a member of the Competition Commission of the Legislative Assembly in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.
  • Associate professor of the Department of Criminology and Delictology, Candidate in law I.A.Zirianova is a member of the Committee on Compliance with the Official Conduct of Civil Servants and Regulation of Conflict of Interests in the office of the Russian Ministry of Justice of Krasnoyarsk region.
  • Associate professors A.D.Nazarov and I.S.Bogdanova are members of the Bar Council in the Krasnoyarsk Krai.
  • Associate professor E.U.Cherkashina is the President of the professional community of juvenile technologists in Krasnoyarsk.
  • Professor N.V. Schedrin is a Chairman of the regional department of the Russian Criminology Association.
  • Docent V.V. Tereshkova – member of a Qualification Collegium of Judges of the Krasnoyarsk region.
  • A.A. Kondrashev, professor, Doctor of Laws, is a member of the Electoral Commission of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Chairman of the Revision Commission of the Interregional Association of Constitutionalists (IAC), Member of the Qualification Commission of the Bar of the Krasnoyarsk region
  • S.A. Drobuchevskiyprofessor, Doctor of Laws, is a Member of the Historical and Legal Society. Member of the Russian branch of the International Association of Social and Political Philosophy. Expert of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation.