Socially-legal Department

Socially-legal department of the SFU Law institute has been carrying out the students training on "Social work" specialisation (specialists, undergraduates) since 1991.

Social work – is an integrative speciality. A social work specialist is simultaneously both a psychologist, and a doctor, a teacher, and a lawyer, a sociologist, and an economist. The ministry engaged in social work in Russian Federation is the Ministry of Health and Social development. Therefore to train students for such a diverse speciality the chair of theory and methods of social work with corresponding faculty including doctors and candidates of various areas of sciences (jurisprudence, sociology, medicine, economy, history, philosophy,  social geography) has been created.

There have been serious achievements in scientific and educational activity by the present time.

  • One of the programs developed at the chair of the theory and methods of social work ("Legal provision of social work" with S.Chiganova as the author) is confirmed by the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation as the typical program for "Social work" speciality;
  • More than 80 % of  the chair lecturers obtain a scientific degree;
  • Within the years of work the faculty and the students have won more than 40 grants, including the grant of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation;
  • More than 70 educational and educational-methodical reference books and 5 monographies written as the result of grant research have been published;
  • Four reference books have received signature stamp of EMO on education in the field of the social work, one reference book – EMO signature stamp on sociology and social anthropology;
  • Socially-legal Department has entered into cooperation with universities, research, educational and practical centres of Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Norway, the USA;
  • On a contractual basis Socially-legal Department participates in working out of regional and city target programs and social bills.

As the basic customers there act Administration of Krasnoyarsk Region, Administration of Krasnoyarsk city, Agency of Social Protection of Population of Administration of Krasnoyarsk Region, Regional Family Centre, Krasnoyarsk Regional Pension Fund of Russia, etc.
Graduates of Socially-legal Department possess (except special knowledge and skills) profound training in the field of law and ability to develop social projects and target programs which are now the unique mechanism of realisation of social policy of Russia.

To mould the practical skills of the students adequate to requirements of social sphere and requirements of concrete potential employers, the faculty have created the system of practical training which is built on the basis of cooperation of socially-legal department with social establishments of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region.

High competitiveness of the chair of theory and methodology of social work and Socially-legal Department on labour, educational service and scientific research markets has been provided by the link between fundamental nature of scientific research of lecturers and vocational training of students and practical situational awareness.