Public visit to CF-17

Last week A. D. Nazarov, Head of the Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics of Law School of the Siberian Federal University, Doctor of Law, Chairman of the Public Council under the GUFSIN of Russia in the Krasnoyarsk region, and I.V. Leskova, Doctor of Sociology, Professor, Head of the Department of the Russian State Social University (Moscow) made a business visit to the Krasnoyarsk male strict-security colony No. 17.

The participants of the public visit got acquainted with the lifestyle of the convicts, examined the residential blocks, the dining room, the rooms of psychological relief and social work, the cable television studio, etc.

An important stage of the visit was to conduct an anonymous survey of convicted Muslims and in-depth interviews with them and with staff who work with this category of convicts as well.

I. V. Leskovapersonally invited A. D. NazarovA. S. Shaginyan, Deputy Director of Law School of the Siberian Federal University, PhD in Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminalistics, T. Yu. Sidorova, Head of the International Law Department, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, N. A. Nikitina, Head of the Social Work Department, to take part in the implementation of the Grant of the Russian Science Foundation: the project name is “Model of the re-socialization of Muslims who have served their sentence in the social and cultural environment of the megalopolis using the example of Moscow and Krasnoyarsk”.The implementation of this scientific grant is also expected to involve employees of the penitentiary system of the region, for whom seminars, round tables are scheduled.

Professor I. V. Leskovahighly appreciated the participation of professors and students of Law School of the Siberian Federal University in the process of re-socialization of convicts in collaboration with GUFSIN of Russia in the Krasnoyarsk Region: trainings in the framework of the social, psychological, legal project “A Step Towards”, re-socialization activities with conditionally convicted, which are conducted by professors and students on the basis of the Krasnoyarsk Cultural-Historical Center of the Assumption Monastery, etc.

Frolova Elizaveta