Law Clinic on the days of free legal assistance

At the end of September and the begging of October of the current year, Law Clinic took part in the several occasions, which aim is the providing of free legal assistance for the needy.

The clinicists took part in the Day of free legal assistance, which was conducted by the KRO AYUR and took place in the House of Officers.

The reception of citizens was organized within the framework of All-Russian single Day of free legal assistance by one of the public reception rooms of Law Clinic on 29 of September.

The students worked on the Day of free legal assistance, which took place in IEBC Sibir from 29 of September till 1st of October .

More than 48 appeals were handled during the past events. Complicated cases, which need time for proper answer, were addressed to the Law Clinic. The students will analyze it thoroughly and help the clients in future.

We thank S.Ya. Sorokina and students R. Mamedov, E. Zolotarev, I. Puzynin for organizing the work of the Legal Clinic at events of free legal assistance.

The information was prepared on the basis of the material provided by E. Zolotareva.


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