The departments of Criminal law and Forensics developed close mutual relationships with Investigative Committee.

Recently a group of students of the third year visited the investigative testing site. The students were invited by the Head of Krasnoyarsk Investigative Committee department, A.A. Krotov. There the investigators and forensics of Investigative Committee have conducted an investigative-forensics quest.

The organisers would give the students criminal situations, and the students were to act the proper for the situation way.

Some experienced investigators – the tutors of students’ teams would facilitate the participants. In general students have successfully completed all the tasks, and while doing that they were shown some modern forensics equipment.

The students’ team tutor was the senior lecturer of criminal proceeding and forensics department of Law Institute SFU, N.A. Hakimov.

Since 15 of September students of 3 and 4 year can participate as public volunteers for investigators and prosecutors in Krasnoyarsk Investigative Committee department and the Prosecutor’s Office. The students may turn to A.D. Nazarov for further questions.

Translated by

Zakharova Svetlana