The law clinic launches and wins. New victories and new honorary mentions come.

Not so much time pasted since the last news about the victories of Krasnoyarsk Law Clinic came out . Once again new victories and new honorary mentions come.

Due to work of Ekaterina Hornyak and her curator Sergey Gutnik the legitimate interests of minor child, whose father evaded from acknowledgement of paternity and from maintenance obligations respectively (to see history of case), were safeguarded.

Almost immediately new good news came. A honorary mention came in an ordinary letter and in an ordinary envelope. A person, who received assistance, thanks an employee of the Law Clinic Vasily Zobnin and his curator Anna Pushkina, who accompanied the work of Vasily.

Getting such news is always a great pleasure. We thanks students for the good work and helping people. We hope legal practice of the Legal Clinic of the Law Institute of SFU will see more victories and success.

P.S. The team of clinicians, who works in one of three public reception offices that is situated at ul. Maerchaka, d.3. Such ordinary, fascinating and kind guys and girls help the ones who seek for help and have nowhere else to go.

Thanks you, fellows. All of you are the Law Clinic.