SFU LS helds International summer law school - 2014 from 5 till 17 of October

ISLS is hold for students of SFU LS, students of Siberian Universities, Russian Law School and foreign Law Students.


ISLS includes three sections.


First section: “European Law” in English

Teachers: Wybe Teodorus Douma – Ph.D., Professor of the Institute of international and European law, Hague; Matta Maya Aaron Samuel Professor of the Institute of international and European law, Hague.

primary audience: English speaking Law students


Second section: “International public and European law in connection to German law” and “Criminal law (Criminal procedure law)” in German.

Teachers – research assistants University Passau (German): Korinna Dornaher, Yadviga Loyko, Gerbert Rozenfeld, Nikola Kenning.

Primary audience – DSG program students from SFU and Siberian universities (studying German law in German language)


Third section: branches of Russian law in German language.

Teachers: Assistant professors and postgraduates of SFU

Primary audience: German law students.


Unique opportunity of multicultural communication is created For German students in order to avoid stereotypes and change impressions, discussion of comparative law issues, improvement of language commands and legal terms.


Meetings with Judges of Arbitraz court and members of Legislative assembly of a Krasnoyarsk region and excursions are included for all students.


At the end of a ISLS exam is passed. Participants will get certificates

English and German speaking students are welcomed.

For more information please contact International Department of SFU LS

Off. 4-13 tel. 8 (391) 206-23-36, e-mail: indeplawsfu@mail.ru, Mayorova Ludmila Victorovna  +7 (913) 534-53-29