Employment and Environmental Law Department

Head of the Department – Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor, Elena Petrova

Room №3-04

Tel: 206-23-67, e-mail: ktp.law.sfu @ mail.ru     


Department of Labour and Land Law was established in 1997 as a result of the reorganization Department of Business and Labour Law.

The department has a multidisciplinary nature. There are taught subjects such as labour law, environmental and nature-resources law, land law; courses ‘Social Protection Law’, ‘Labour dispute’, etc. In 2002 a special course was introduced as ‘International labour law and social protection law’. The purpose of the special course - to consider a summary of the most important norms of labour regulations enshrined in the international instruments adopted by the United Nations, International labour Organization (ILO), the European Council. A careful study of international labour standards, developed by the international community, opens new prospects for the development of Russian labour law, the rights of citizens in the field of Labour relations, contributes to the improvement of the national legal system in general. In 2004 he was introduced by a special course ‘Legal Land Reform in Russia,’ the relevance of which to the modern period of regulation of ownership of land increases with great power.

At the end of 2008 the department was established master's program ‘Labour Law. The right to social protection ‘(030500.68.05), which has purpose - to train highly qualified specialists in the field of legal support personnel management and social protection.

Members of the department maintain international contacts with colleagues from the University of Tilburg in the Netherlands. International cooperation can publish articles on international legal subjects, to prepare new courses, complete library of magazines and books in English.

Department of Labour and Land Law is working with other departments of similar profile Universities. Exchange of scientific information is with scientists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Omsk, Tomsk, Barnaul and other cities. Members of the department are preparing reviews of dissertations and theses.

Specialists of the department to consult the staff of the regional and city administration, as well as provide practical advice to business entities. The Department also expertise of draft legal acts of the federal and regional significance.

Specialists of the department of Land and land rights cooperate with the legislative and executive authorities of Krasnoyarsk region to prepare draft laws and regulations relating to Land management.

In early 2008 the organization was launched ‘Land Law Clinic,’ created in conjunction with Department of Labour and Land Law, Law Institute of SFU and City Public Organization ‘Land Initiative.’ The clinic is designed to provide free legal assistance to the citizens of the city that need to protect their constitutional rights to a healthy environment. The clinic is based at the Center for Ecological Culture and Information of the State Scientific Library of Krasnoyarsk Territory (St.Karla Marksa, 114, Krasnoyarsk, 660017 tel: 22 42 74, fax: 23 76 34, e-mail: lib@kraslib.ru ).


The department has a high level of student training.

So, for two consecutive years (2009, 2010) in the first and second All-Russian competition ‘Eco-lawyers’, organized by the International Land Rights Center ‘Bellona’ (Saint-Petersburg), Law Institute SFU ranks second in Russia ( after the Volgograd State University) and celebrated a special award - the award for the best level of training students in the field of Land law.

Fund the development of education summed up the competition for the best scientific book of 2011. Won in the category ‘Law’ became Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor Peter A. Politahin in connection with the publication of the monograph ‘Land ownership in a modern market economy of Russia’. The book examines the nature and effect of land ownership in the unity of its economic and legal components. This problem is considered in connection with Russia's transition from a socialist socio-economic system to a mixed market economy. The monograph is intended for specialists - lawyers, economists, representatives of the government, reforming the economic and legal system in Russia, as well as those readers who are interested in studying the problem posed.


Permanent employees of the Department

Basalaeva Svetlana Pavlovna - Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor (Labour law, social providing law, the legal regulation of social insurance);

Doroshenko Antonina S. - Senior Lecturer (Mining law, Land law, Nature and Law);

Kukharenko Anna Y. - Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor (Labour law, social protection law);

Margatskaya Hope Afanasevna - Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor (Labour law);

Meleshchuk Irina - Senior Lecturer (Labour law);

Elena Petrova - head of the department, PhD, Associate Professor (Labour law, social protection law, international Labour law and social protection law);

Politahin Peter A. - Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor (Land Law, legal support land reform in Russia);

Spiglazova Tatiana - Senior Lecturer (Land Law, Nature and resources law, mining law, the protection of Land rights).


Part-time lecturers

Astanina Irina - Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor (current models of public service, the theory and practice of public service);

Voronkova Catherine Radzivonauna - Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor (Labour law, Social protection law);

Svetlana Grinberg - Ph.D. in historical sciences, professor (land law, Land law);

Kudruk Irina - assistant (basic Labour rights);

Polyntsev Sergey - Associate Professor (Labour disputes);

Shevyakova Yevgenia - assistant (basic Labour law, employment law).


Assistant - Pavlyshyn Anna M.