International Law Department

         Head of the department, Candidate of Law, docent – Tatyana Yurevna Sidorova.

Tel. number: (391)206-23-50.


The history of the Department of International Law started at the beginning of 1989, when the decision was made about its separation from the department of Theory of State and Law. During the period of its existence the staff of this department has highly developed its professional skills and knowledge.

At the beginning only young professional specialists were included in the staff of the Department, but afterwards workers acquired huge scientific knowledge, defended candidate dissertations.

Graduates from this department (annually it’s around 40 of full-time and part-time graduates) work in different organizations of Russian State, including Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk Krai, regional, cities’ and districts’ administrations, Election Committees, in business, diplomacy and educational spheres. Along with the educational activity, staff of the department enthusiastically takes part in research work.  Moreover, students also get involved in scientific work and working of scientific international law study groups. Students participate in scientific conferences and international public and private law competitions that are held by universities of the city, Krai and Russian Federation, as well as in competitions and contests of international level.


Students, directed by the professors of the department, took place in:

  • Scientific students conference, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of U.N.O.
  • In 1997 a group of students participated in international contest in International Humanitarian Law that was organized and held by the International Committee of Red Cross.
  • In 2002 T. Samuseva took the second place at the Regional State level contest “All-Russian students” in nomination of «International law. European law».
  • In 2005 E. Baikova got a Degree of II level, I. Romanishina got a Degree of III level, L. Samoilova and E. Mindiashvili got certificates and thank-you letters for participation in the International scientific student conference «Student and scientific and technological progress», which was held in Siberian Academy of State Service (Novosibirsk).
  • In 2006 research work by C. Paramonva took the second place in All-Russian student scientific research competition.
  • At the end of 2009 the work of Vasileva P.N. took the first place in All-Russian contest of Association of Law Universities, in nomination of The Best Student’s Scientific Work in State and International Law.
  • In February of 2010 Lybchenko M.Y. won a U.N.O. grant -«Moscow international U.N.O. model »
  • Undergraduates M.Y.Lybchenko and S.V.Kyznecova received a prize from the Head of Oktyabrskiy district in Krasnoyarsk.


Disciplines of the Department:

  1. International law
  2. International private law
  3. European law
  4. International civil law and mass media
  5. Legal regulation of foreign economic activity
  6. International mechanism of human rights protection
  7. International protection of intellectual property rights
  8. International legal collaboration concerning humanitarian issues
  9. Legal help with civil cases
  10. Recognitionimplementation of international judicial and arbitration decisions
  11. International commercial arbitration
  12. Legal regulation of international conveyance
  13. Legacy entities in international relations
  14. Educational international court
  15. Theory and practice of protection of human rights in the international structures.
  16. Tortious relations with international element.
  17. Legal support of innovative activity


Staff Workers of the department

Department professors:

  1. Pavelieva Evelina Anatolievna— Candidate of Law, docent (international private law, international public law. Special course: European law);
  2. Palehova Lyudmila Vladimirovna — senior professor of the Department of International law of the Law institute of SFU.
  3. Saushkin Dmitry Victorovich — Candidate of Law, docent (international private law, international public law);
  4. Sidorova Tatyana Yurevna — head of the department, Candidate of Law, docent (international private law, international public law, international humanitarian law and mass media. Special course:  international protection of intellectual property);
  5. Tereshkova Valentina Vladimirovna — Candidate of Law, docent (international private law, international public law. Special course: international mechanism of protection of human rights, international mechanism of citizens’ rights protection, the use of international law in law enforcement activity); 
  6. Shcherbinina Olga Evdokimovna — Candidate of Law, docent (international private law, international public law. Special courses: legal regulation of foreign economic activity, international legal collaboration concerning humanitarian issues, European law).


  1. Palehova Lyudmila Vladimirovna — senior professor of the Department;
  2. Sashina Marina Mihailovna – assistant of the department;
  3. Spiglazova Alina Arturovna — laboratory assistant of the department.