Criminalistics Department

The head of the department is Zhuravleva Irina Аnatolievna, Candidate of Law, associate professor.

Room 3-05, tel. 8(391) 206-23-57

The Department of Criminalistics was formed in 1996 as the result of the dividing the Department of Criminal Process and Criminalistics into the Department of Criminalistics and the Department of Criminal Process.

The first director was professor V.E. Kornoukhov, Doctor of Law. In 1999 А.I. Bayanov, Candidate of Law and associate professor, became a new director.

The Department provides education on four subjects: criminalistics, judicial medicine, legal psychiatry, forensic accountancy. Moreover, the department teaches three additional courses: computer modeling of separate crimes’ investigation; the methodology of interrogation; the usage of video equipment in investigation proceedings.

After the creation of the Department, there were many specialists working there: Doctors of Law, professors  V.E. Kornoukhov and  I.V. Аleksandrov; Doctors of Medicine and docents A.A. Sumarokov, V.I. Chikun, Candidates of Law and docents E.I. Kruglov, A.I. Bajanov, L.F. Pervuhina, N.I. Sajbarakov, I.A. Zhuravleva, I.G. Ivanova, M.Je. Chervjakov, Candidates of Economics and docents T.P. Pakshina, Y.A. Ignatov, Candidates of Medicine and docents A.A. Ermilov, V.I. Lysyj; senior lecturer N.A. Hakimov, assistants A.I. Sborshik, A.N. Abakumov.

Nowadays there are 4 permanent lecturers in the Department: A.I. Bajanov, I.A. Zhuravleva, I.G. Ivanova, N.A. Hakimov and 4 dual jobholders : A.I. Aleksandrov, V.I. Chikun, Ju.A. Ignatov, M.A. Lisnjak.

Also, the Department consists of educational laboratory with two rooms of criminalistics technical equipment, computer class for the computer modeling of separate crimes’ investigation’s lessons, the  archive of criminal cases, which were given by courts of Krasnoyarsk to the Law Institute.

With the usage of technical equipment and archives students gets an experience in a work with trails of a crime, organization of investigation of separate kinds of crimes and proceedings of investigation.

Right from the foundation the Department permanently exchanges the experience with Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow State Law Academy, Ural State Law Academy, Tomsk State University, Altai State University, Siberian Law Institute of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia.

The basic scientific functions of the Department are connected with elaboration of methodical, tactical and technical aspects in investigation of economic crimes, methodical and technical basics of investigations.

According to the results of scientific reserches two monographs were published in central publishing office: “Fiscal crimes: criminalistics problems of investigation”, Saint Petersburg, publishing office «Law centre «Press», 2002, and “The basics of fiscal investigation”, Saint Petersburg, publishing office «Law centre «Press», 2003 (the autror is I.V. Aleksandrov). Also, there is one publication in regional centre: “The theory and practice of fiscal investigation”, Krasnoyarsk 2004 (the author is I.V. Aleksandrov), and many another publications in central and regional offices. Articles of the department are popular in the scientific community due to the lots of references to the Department’s members’ papers.

The one of the most important aspects of the Department’s working is academic and methodical action. Members of the Department are co-authors of many criminalistics textbooks which were written in central publishing offices such as «The criminalistics course» edited by V.E. Kornouhov; Moscow, “Jurist”, 2000 (N. A. Zhuravleva and N.A Hakimov are the co-authors); «Criminalistics: the textbook»  edited by L.J. Drapkin, V.I. Karagodin, Moscow , «Legal literature», 2004 (I.V. Aleksandrov is a co-author). «Criminalistics and computers in investigation», the textbook edited by V. J. Coldin, Moscow, «Zertzalo-M», 2007 (A.I Bajanov is a co-author). «Jurisprudence», the textbook edited by V.M. Shafirov, Moscow, “the Prospect”, 2010 (A.I Bajanov is a co-author).

Also, the department provides training and publication of educational and methodical works giving students an opportunity to understand and study the course. For example, there are such textbooks as “Legal expertise», academic and methodical complex, Krasnoyarsk, 1998 (co-authors are V.E. Kornouhov, Ju.K. Orlov, I.A. Zhuravleva);   «Application of scientific and technical ways in inspection of the scene», textbook, Krasnoyarsk, 1998 (author is N.A. Hakimov);   «Detection of crimes connected with bills of exchange in budgetary sphere in Krasnoyarsk Krai. The lection text», Krasnoyarsk, 2001 (authors are I.A. Zhuravleva, N.N. Solonenko);   «Investigation of fiscal crimes. The textbook», Krasnoyarsk, 2002 (author is I.A. Aleksandrov); «The Method of investigation of fraud, textbook», Krasnoyarsk, 2004 (author is I.A. Aleksandrov); «Criminalistics. Acceptance of criminalistics decision: the lection course», Krasnoyarsk, 2004; « The investigation of bribery, textbook», Krasnoyarsk, 2005 (author is I.A. Aleksandrov); «The investigation of labor law violation, textbook», Krasnoyarsk, 2007 (author is I.A. Aleksandrov); «Tactic of interrogation of victims, witnesses, minors, the textbook», Krasnoyarsk, 2009 (authors are I.A. Zhuravleva, T.V. Kaskevich).

From 1996 the department published more than 50 educational and methodical articles.

From 1980 there is special scientific and exploratory study group for students in the Department. The most active students not only became highly qualified lawyers, but also defended dissertations (I.A. Zhuravleva, S.I. Bushmin, A.D. Nazarov).Nowadays they present their knowledge to law students. The relay is now successfully accepted by young generation of lawyers-criminalists. In 2007 the team of students took part in international competitions devoted to application of criminalistics techniques  of criminalistics in Omsk, took the first place and won the « Alphonse Bertillon» cup. In 2008 they took the second place. Students, who choose the criminalistics specialization, often participate in scientific competitions and conferences in SFU and other universities. And the most active students publish their researches in scientific textbooks (especially A.N. Pronicheva, N.N. Solonenko, T.V. Kaskevich, A.M. Bocharov, A.V. Busov, E.A. Pavljukov, E.A. Karpenko, R.N. Cherneckij.)

Members of the Department:

  1. Aleksandrov Igor Viktorovich – Doctor of Law, professor (criminalistics, postgraduate studies);
  2. Bajanov Aleksandr Ivanovich – Candidate of Law, lecturer (criminalistics, tactics of investigation);
  3. Zhuravleva Irina Anatolievna – Candidate of Law, lecturer (criminalistics, Head of the Department);
  4. Ivanova Inna Gennadievna – Candidate of Law, lecturer (criminalistics, the computer modeling of separate crimes’ investigation);
  5. Ignatov Yuri Anatolievich– Candidate of Economics, lecturer (forensic accountancy);
  6. Hakimov Nail Abdulhaevich – senior lecturer (criminalistics, the usage of video equipment in investigation proceedings);
  7. Chikun Vladimir Ivanovich – Candidate of Medicine, lecturer. He has both legal and medical(judicial medicine);
  8. Lisnjak Marina Anatolievna – Candidate of Medicine, lecturer (forensic psychiatry)
  9. Grigorieva Marija Aleksandrovna – assistant
  10. Starkova Marija Borisovna – an engineer  of criminalistics laboratory;
  11. Markina Dar'ja Sergeevna – assistant  of criminalistics laboratory;
  12. Nesterova Dar'ja Jur'evna – assistant of criminalistics laboratory.