Department of Civil Procedure

 Head of Department – LL.D., Professor

 Sakhnova Tatiana

 Room №3-09A

 Call: 206-23-47, e-mail:


         The Department of Civil Procedure was established in 2001. The Department produces graduates. From the founding of the Department and to nowadays Professor, LL.D. Tatiana Sakhnova is the Head of the Department.

         Within civil specialization courses of civil procedure and arbitration, as well as special courses ‘Actual problems of the civil process’ (LL.D., Professor T.V. Sakhnova), ‘Notary in the Russian Federation’ (Candidate of Law, Associate Professor E.B. Tarbagaeva) are taught on the Department.

          Composition of special courses in this specialization changed several times. For example, for several years there was a course ‘Problems of forensic-psychological examination in civil proceedings’ and ‘The structure of the civil procedural law of the EU member states’ (Ph.D. in Law, Professor Sakhnova). The Department organizes the research work of students (functioning club of civil process, student conferences, scientific seminars).

          The specialists of the Department take part in international, national, inter-university scientific conferences, symposiums, workshops and discussions.

          Professor T.V. Sakhnova is a member of the Special Board for doctoral dissertations (the Law Institute of the Siberian Federal University).

          Two issues of ‘Scientists notes’ of the SFU Law Institute have been already developed and implemented, (2001, 2003) – editor in Chief is Professor Sakhnova.

          Specialists of the Department in recent years have published 10 monographs, including 8 - in the main publishing houses (Moscow, St. Petersburg). In total, the specialists of the Department published more than 100 scientific and educational works.

         The Department has its own course of Civil Procedure (the author - Professor T.V. Sakhnova, M., Wolters Kluwer, 2008.) and Civil Procedure workbook (T.V. Sahnova. Litigation. Workbook. M. MCFER, 2006.)

         The Department is involved in providing dissertation’s reviews (as the lead organization, the official opposition to the dissertation councils of the Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk Universities), reviews of dissertation abstracts and reviews of the monograph.

         The Department has close relationship with the jurisdiction and justice bodies - courts of general jurisdiction, an arbitration court, the Chamber of Notaries and notaries, advocacies.

         The department is involved in the development of FSES 3 (Bachelor, Magistracy).

         Postgraduate study is opened at the department on specialty 12.00.15.


Our papers in the main publishers:


Author: Professor T. Sakhnova

1.Why should the court have a psychologist? - M.: Knowledge, 1990.

2.Fundamentals of forensic-psychological examination for civil cases. - Moscow: Yurist, 1997.

3.Expertise in civil court. - M. Beck, 1997.

4.Forensic examination. - M. Gorodets, 1999, 2000.

5.Civil litigation. Workshop. - Moscow: MCFR, 2006.

6.Course of civil proceedings: theoretical beginning and basic institutions. - Moscow: WoltersKluver, 2008.


Associate Professor E.B. Tarbagaeva

1.Notary in the Russian Federation. - St.: Publishing House of St. Petersburg. State. University Press, 2001.

2.The organization and activities of notaries in the Russian Federation: Textbook (Approved by the Ministry of Education and Science as a teaching tool for students enrolled in the specialty ‘Jurisprudence’). - St.: Publishing House of St. Petersburg. State. University Press, 2006.



         Employees of the Department

         Sakhnova Tatyana Vladimirovna – Head of the Depertment, LL.D, Professor (Civil Procedure, special course(hereinafter – s/c) ‘Actual  problems of civil process’)

         Tarbagaeva Elena Borisovna – Candidate of Law, Associate Professor (Civil Procedure, s/c ‘Notary’)

         Reshetnikova Olga Mikhailovna - Senior Lecturer (Civil Procedure)

         Plotnikova Nadezhda Gennadievna - Candidate of Law, Associate Professor (Litigation, arbitration)

         Paramonova Svetlana Vladimirovna - Assistant lecturer (Litigation, arbitration)

         Klepikov Alexander Ivanovich - Assistant lecturer (civil litigation, arbitration)

         Lubchenko Maxim Azarovich – Postgraduate student (scientific advisor - Professor Sakhnova T.V.)

         Alekseeva Elizaveta Yurievna – the Department assistant.