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Head of the Department - Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor, Kachur Nina

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Department of Civil Law is one of the oldest Departments in the Law Institute of the Siberian Federal University. It was formed in 1969 and became the ancestor of the other Departments of the faculty. Later it divides to Department of Theory of State and Law, Department of Labour and Environmental Law, Department of Civil Procedure Department of Civil Law.

Department was founded and directed by LL.D., Professor Victor Shakhmatov. For years of researches Professor V. Shakhmatov became famous in Russia and abroad like an expert in the field of civil law, family law and sociology of marriage and family. He has published 11 monographs, 7 pamphlets and 40 articles in total of 140 print pages.

The Department provides teaching of the most important fundamental disciplines such as civil law, roman law and family law. Lecturers developed popular students' courses such as: insolvency (bankruptcy), civil-legal regulation of real estate, exercise and protection of civil and family law, regulation services, tort law, property rights to land. Special themes of seminars: the right to housing in the clinical education, topical issues of civil law, inheritance law workshop, a workshop of the legal registration right to real property, methods and techniques of drafting. Students of Comparative Law Department listen to next courses: institution of insolvency in Russia and Germany, real estate and its legal registration under the Russian and German legislation.

The specialty "Jurisprudence" ("civil law, family law, international private law") opened Postgraduate programs in 2006.

Annually a large number of students are specialized on the graduate’s Department. Under the guidance of lecturers on the Department performed the diploma and the course work on the issues of the civil law.

Lecturers of the Department are actively engaged in research work. Throughout the existence of the Department, its members published dozens of monographs and textbooks, hundreds of articles and abstracts. Every year the Department published scientific collections including orders for the practical organization.

The Department has postgraduate specialties 12.00.03 (civil law, business law, family law, private international law), which caters to full-time graduate students and part-time forms of education. In 2006, the early post-graduate diploma was I.S. Bogdanova. In 2008, Senior lecturer of civil law E. N. Petrova successfully defended her dissertation "Legal relationship between a business entity and its management company."

The Department provides full all branches of the legal faculty its own educational and methodological developments: course programs, work programs, developed and published two teaching complex courses.

Lecturers of the Department is constantly engaged in scientific, teaching, conferences, seminars at various levels, conducted at research centers and universities in the country and abroad (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tomsk, Vladivostok, Omsk, Barnaul and other cities). Thus, the Head of the Civil Law Depertment N.F. Kachur participated in conferences in Germany, Italy, Hungary. Lecturers of the Department has repeatedly held research internships abroad (N.F. Kachur, T.P. Shishmareva, M.V. Kratenko, V. Bogdanov, I.S. Bogdanova). Members of the Department are involved in international summer schools by international contracts.

The Department has close links with many universities of  the country, in particular, the St. Petersburg’s, Tomsk’s, Altai’s Universities, Far Eastern State University and Ural State Law Academy. Often Institute of Arts and Sciences (Krasnoyarsk State University), Siberian Federal University, represented the Department serves as the lead organization for the PhD thesis, provides reviews of abstracts of doctoral and master's theses, monographs, textbooks and teaching aids.

Teachers of the Department efficiently supervise the research work of students. The Department has research groups in civil law, led by M. Kratenko and VP Bogdanov. Students take part in the ongoing Department annual student research conferences, and conferences organized by other universities.

In 2000, at the initiative of the Department was organized a Legal (Consultation) Clinic with civil law direction, headed by Associate Professor S.Y. Sorokina. Students of the Legal Clinic consult citizens, protect and represent rights and interests of citizens in civil and criminal cases in the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts, state and local government bodies, institutions and organizations, advise on correspondence (remote consultation). Faculty’s members and students participate in international clinics, Russian, regional schools and seminars on clinical education and advocacy. Students visited the workshops to train clinic’s lecturers held in Novosibirsk and St. Petersburg were trained in the summer legal schools in Tver, Stavropol, Chita. In 2001, the Clinic got a grant of the Russian Foundation for Legal Reform to fund clinic of civil-law direction.

For a long time Department actively cooperates with many practical organs: the Administration and the Legislative Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Arbitration Court of Krasnoyarsk Territory, Regional Court, the Office of the Federal Reserve in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Krasnoyarsk Territory Chamber of Notaries, the Bar Chamber of Krasnoyarsk region, etc. Lecturers of the Department involved in consultations and making the conclusions, the scientific expertise of the regional legislative, conduction seminars with practitioners. Together with practitioners were written two manuals, published for mass circulation.

Every year lecturers of the Department are involved in organizing scientific conferences, round tables, seminars, organized by the Office of the Federal Reserve in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the Chamber of Notaries of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Bar Chamber of Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Lecturers of the Department are the winners of the grant program of the Russian Foundation for Legal Reform to reform legal education in Russia.



Permanent employees of the department:


Kachur Nina Fyodorovna, Head of the Department, PhD in Law, Associate Professor (civil law, family law, special courses(hereinafter – s/c) "Civil-law regulation of real estate", "Property and its state registration under the laws of the Russian Federation and the Federal Republic of Germany")

Shishmareva Tatiana Petrovna, PhD in Law, Associate Professor (civil law, Roman law, s/c the "Insolvency (Bankruptcy)", "Institute of insolvency in Russia and Germany")

Sorokina Svetlana Yakovlevna., PhD in Law, Associate Professor (Civil Law, s/c "Housing Law")

Bogdanov Vyacheslav Petrovich, PhD in Law, Associate Professor (civil law, Roman law, s/c the "tort law").

Inna Bogdanov, PhD in Law, Associate Professor (civil law, family law, s/c the "Civil-law regulation of real estate")

Kratenko Maxim, PhD in Law, Associate Professor (Civil Law, s/c "Insurance Law")

Galaganova Natalia P., PhD in Law, Associate Professor (civil law, family law, Roman law, the workshop "Problems of the invalidity of transactions")

Igor V. Yakovenko, Art. Lecturer (civil law, family law)

Rychkova Natalia, senior lecturer (civil law, family law)

Ekaterina Petrova, PhD, Art. Lecturer (civil law, family law)

Serebrennikov Svetlana Assistant (civil law, family law)

Faizullin Ruslan Vagizovich Assistant (civil law, insolvency (bankruptcy))


Part-time lectureres:

Gongalo Bronislaw Michislavovich, LL.D., Professor (Civil Law)

Irina Kuzmina Dmitreevna, LL.D., Professor, (civil law, the management graduate)

Kazantsev Alexander, Assistant (civil law, Roman law)

Masharova Julia Tsidenovna, Senior Lecturer (civil law, transport law)