Department of Tort Law and Criminology

The Department of tort law and criminology is the youngest subdivision of the Law Institute. It was created pursuant to the Decision of the rector №524 dated November 27, 2006 in accordance with the Decision of the Scientific Council of Krasnoyarsk State University dated November 13, 2006.

Since the day of Department creation, its educational and scientific activity is aimed at training of lawyers who acquire knowledge and skills in the following spheres:

  • analysis of criminality and wrongful behavior including comparative criminological, as well as comparative tort legal analysis;
  • organization and legal support of wrongful and criminal behavior prevention;
  • international cooperation in the field of crime prevention;
  • execution of orders of regional, local authorities and law enforcement agencies on  forecasting, expert assessment of criminogenic and tort law situation, as well as prevention measures planning;
  • participation in experimental projects in the field of work with juvenile delinquents convicted and released from places of imprisonment.

Professors of the Department conduct all types of educational activity on criminology, penal law, legal psychology, as well as on the following special courses: «Legal aspects of safety measures», «Methods of criminological studies», «Punishment and safety measures under Russian and German criminal law», «Problems of general theory of crime prevention». «Basics of harmonization of Russian penal law in context of international penal cooperation» , «Criminological expertise of normative legal documents», «Corruption prevention», «Legal regulation of neglect and juvenile crimes prevention», «Victimology and juvenile crimes prevention».

Professors of the Department lecture on courses and specialties, magistrates programs, additional professional education and advanced training courses. I.A. Damm, N. V. Hlonova and N.V. Shchedrin created the course entitled « Corruption prevention in the system of governmental and local administration» for the Institute of Economics, Administration and Nature Management of the Siberian Federal University, and also for Personnel Office of government service of Krasnoyarsk region Governor. On N.A. Nikitina’s initiative, advanced training program «Juvenile technologies» was developed for the neglect prevention system staff.

The Department’s current postgraduates are: A.A. Lysikov, O.V. Morgun, S.V. Odinzova, I.N. Barsukov, S.I. Gutnik, U.A.Koval, M.A. Slonova.

The main direction of the Department’s scientific research is developing of theoretical basis for legal regulation and application of safety measures.  The founder of this scientific school is professor N.V. Shchedrin. There are five groups of applied studies:1) corruption prevention (I.A. Damm, S.D.Krasnousov, A.A. Lysikov, O.V. Morgun, N.V. Hlonova); 2) neglect and juvenile crimes prevention (N.A. Nikitina, V.V. Jurkov, M.A. Slonova, A.A. Skachkov); 3) recidivism prevention (P.V. Teplyashin, U.V. Andreeva, A.E. Rechizkiy); 4) criminal safety measures in regard to collective subjects (A.A. Vostokov); 5) illegal migration prevention (S.V. Odinzova).

The Department executes orders of Legislative Assembly, Government, Chamber of Accounts and other agencies of Krasnoyarsk region. The Department made an examination of draft law «On corruption prevention», examinations of a number of target programs in the field of corruption prevention.


Thus in 2010, anticorruption social advertisement was created on the request of the executive office of Krasnoyarsk region Governor and Government. The Department’s suggestions were taken into account in developing of local anticorruption target program of Krasnoyarsk.The Department cooperates with various institutes of civil society. Workers of the Department very often were interviewed on the actual issues concerning crime prevention.

The Department occupies leading positions in the sphere of scientific research, methodological and educational activities on the problems of juvenile justice and neglect and juvenile crimes prevention.

The following projects were created and developed under the direction of N.V. Shchedrin: «Concepts of modern juvenile justice formation in Krasnoyarsk region», «Penetration of modern juvenile technologies into the system of juvenile crimes prevention» and magistrates program entitled «Juvenile justice», advanced training of specialists working in the field of neglect and juvenile crimes prevention, experimental project «Juvenile office», functioning in the Oktyabrsky district.

 In September 2009, the Law Institute organized international conference entitled «Juvenile justice in Europe and Asia: concepts and successful practice models» which attracted participants from England, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, Finland, Scotland, Japan and a number of Russian regions.

Professors and postgraduates more than once have won grants of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), Krasnoyarsk Region Science and Technology Support Fund, Vladivostok Center for the Study of Organized Crime, Saratov Center for the Study of Corruption and Organized Crime and others. Thus, the monograph entitled «Conceptual and theoretical basics legal regulation and application of safety measures» (2010) was prepared and published within the framework of the two won grants of Russian Foundation for Humanities.


The Department has working contacts with the leading criminologists of Russian and European universities: (professors V. Boylke, P. Vetzels, F. Dunkel – FRG; professor A. Kalmthout – the Netherlands; professor A. Baerthold – Switzerland; H. von Hoffer - Sweden)

Professors and postgraduates of the Department – N.V. Shchedrin, I.A. Zyryanova, P.V. Teplyashin, V.V. Jurkov and N. V. Hlonova more than once participated in internships in universities of Great Britain, Germany and Switzerland.

During the last three years, members of the Department have participated in two international programs and projects:

  1. 1.International«Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe – current situation, reform developments and good practices Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe – current situation, reform developments and good practices - Jugendstrafrechtsysteme in Europa – Aktuelle Situation, Reformenentwicklung und gute Praxismodelle», funded by the by theEuropean Commission’s Directorate General. Justice and Home Affairs«AGISProgramme»). In 2007-2008,  academic advisers were professor, doctor Frieder Dunkelf from the University of Greifswald (Germany)and professor, doctor Aleksandro Padovani from  the University of Calabria (Italy).
  2. 2.International project «Juvenile delinquency in Germany and Russia: comparative research of latent criminality within the cultural context, aimed at verification of institutional theory of anomie and theory of control which are held by the University of Hamburg and funded by DFG (German scientific and Research Society)». The head of the project is professor, doctor Peter Wetzels from the University of Hamburg (Germany).

About fifty students of law and social and legal departments constantly participate in the Department’s scientific studies. The Department also administrates the Anticorruption student club.

Professors of the Department also exercise great professional and social outside activities. I.A. Zyranova is a judge of election with advisory capacity in Krasnoyarsk region; N.N. Nikitina is a member of the Commission on the issues concerning juveniles /«Juvenile office», functioning in the Oktyabrsky district of Krasnoyarsk; N.V. Hlonova is a member of a working group developing Krasnoyarsk municipal anticorruption program; during eight years, N.V. Shedrin was a member and a vice-chairman of the qualification board of judges in Krasnoyarsk region, a member of expertise council of the Legislative Council of Krasnoyarsk region, a member of two dissertation councils (in Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok); a member of the editorial board of Criminological magazine of the Baykal State University of Economics and Law (SCOPUS).

All professors and workers of the Department are members of the Russian criminology association, and professor N.V. Shedrin is a chairman of its Krasnoyarsk division.

Professors and postgraduates have published more than 200 scientific and methodological works including those in English and German languages. N.V. Shedrin is also co-author of the textbook and manual affirmed by the Academic Methodological Association.


Department staff:

  • Shchedrin Nikolay Vasilyevich – doctor of law, professor, the Head of the Department;
  • Zyryanova Irina Aleksandrovna – candidate of law, senior teacher;
  • Krasnousov Sergey Dmitrievich – assistant (by-worker);
  • Nikitina Natalya Aleksandrovna – assistant;
  • Sazonova Natalya Vasilyevna – candidate of law, associate professor (by - worker);
  • Teplyashin PAvel Vladimirovich – candidate of law, associate professor (by-worker);
  • Hlonova Natalya Valeryevna – assistant;
  • Stepanov Kirill Aleksandrovich – assistant;
  • Gutnik Sergey Iosifovich – postgraduate;
  • Barsukov Ivan Nikolaevich – postgraduate;
  • Koval Juriy Aleksandrovich – postgraduate;
  • Morgun Oleg Vasilyevich – postgraduate;
  • Odinzova Svetlana Valeryevna – postgraduate;
  • Slonova Mariya Aleksandrovna – postgraduate;
  • Geyze Kristina Igorevna - laboratory assistant.